Sunflower Family Child Care

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Fees and Payment Plan

Rates are evaluated and may be raised every year on September 1st.  Four weeks' notice will be given for rate increases.

If other adjustments are needed, four weeks' notice will be given. 

Rates for 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM are:


Full time/month

Full time/day

Half-Day/AM Only

12 - 24 months




25 months - 3 years




3 - 5 years




Full Time is over four hours per day. Part time is 4 hours per day.

(for extended hours call for pricing)

Your contract will specify your child's days and hours of care.

Payment Plan

Parents are required to pay for the time their children are scheduled to be in care. In other words, parents are paying for a space regardless if the child is in a preschool or not. Payment for care is due in advance on the first of every month. Holiday Pay: Fees are not reduced during months that have holidays.

Vacations and Absences

Please call and inform me when your child will not attend due to illness or some other event.

Vacation/Absence Pay: During your vacation regular fees apply. Absence due to a sickness is also paid.

Payment Penalties

1. If fees remain unpaid after a period of three days, your child will not be admitted until ALL fees are paid in full.

2. The penalty for NSF checks is $20.00 plus any bank costs incurred by me. Cash payment is required for returned checks. You may be put on a cash basis after the second NSF check.

3. Late pick-up fees are $10.00 per hour/portion and are due upon pick--up.

Extra Charges

Field Trip Fees: Field trip fees will be charged when necessary. You will receive advance notice of any charges.