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Customer Testimonials

Ishita Ghosh
"Our family has known Ms. Alex and Sunflower Childcare for the past five years. Both my daughters have been with Ms. Alex since they were tiny. Having tried two other daycare centers with my older daughter, who ended up with back to back four ear infections, we were ready to give up and have me stay home with her.
Then we found Sunflower Childcare and Ms. Alex assured us that my daughter will be well taken care of. She has not only lived up to that promise since 2010 but has gone above and beyond to make my daughters kind and confident little girls.
When it was time for us to find child care for my younger daughter, it was a no-brainer that she would be following her older sister’s footsteps to Sunflower Childcare. That was the best decision because she, like her older sister, absolutely loves it there.
Not only does Ms. Alex intellectually stimulate each child with early education but also takes them out on walks around the neighborhood, to nearby parks and sometimes even on field trips. Additionally, each day Ms. Alex emails each parent, the menu for the day and that small touch puts anxious minds of parents like me, at ease.
Both my daughters love Ms. Alex and Ms. Megan. What a great place for children!!!!"

Update: It's been 7 years since we started at Sunflower Daycare and now my second daughter ready to graduate to Kindergarten, I see her eager to learn and confident in her outlook. Ms. Alex has taken the time to introduce academics to her in such a playful yet effective manner that my daughter is already ahead of most kids her age when it comes to reading and math. Ms. Alex and the other teachers have put in the effort to build her confidence and nurture her curiosity for learning. I can’t thank Sunflower Daycare enough.

Cala Zubair
"We absolutely love Sunflower Family Child Care! We began sending our daughter, Thalia, here after she turned one and when I was transitioning back to work. Having been her exclusive caregiver, I was very anxious about how she would adjust in a daycare setting. So I was more than delighted to find out that SFCC is not a typical daycare! Miss Alex and her team provide such detailed, one-on-one care, quickly learning a child’s needs, and keeping in close contact with parents, Thalia’s transition was seamless.
More than that, Thalia is genuinely excited to go to SFCC. As hesitant as she is to leave me, she gladly gets in the car each morning to see Miss Alex, and waves goodbye with a smile when I drop her off. Each week, I discover new parts of her personality as she shows off her new dance moves, playtime rituals, or sign language skills – masterfully taught by Miss Alex and her staff through their education-based curriculum.
I’m so grateful that we found SFCC! My daughter is now more independent and plays respectfully with other children, and we are beyond proud of her. Miss Alex doesn’t just watch Thalia, she loves her and helps her grow."


Asia Selke
I LOVE Sunflower Daycare!!! I have come to rely on Alex as a partner in my child’s development and overall wellbeing. She has watched over, cared for, protected and taught my daughter since she was 2yrs! My daughter’s days are structured with learning: manners, colors, letters, reading, sharing, kindness. The kids enjoy circle time where they discuss concepts like “things that move.” They also play outside daily going on nature walks and playing at the parks (mornings & afternoons)! The children become close friends growing together, and encourage each other through potty-training and other milestones. Alex prepares organic meals and sends out daily e-mails to us (parents) detailing what our kids ate. Alex has prepared my daughter so well for kindergarten that she is reading books on her own and can perform basic addition & subtraction (before she turned 5yrs)! Alex will love your child, she will help them grow in a positive and encouraging environment. There is no better place (or person) to care for your child when you can’t be with them! I invite you to call me directly if you have any questions!