Sunflower Family Child Care

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Medical Emergencies

My staff and I have First Aid, Child CPR, and HIV/Aids/Blood Borne Pathogens Prevention training. Minor cuts, bruises, and scrapes will be treated. Parents will be notified upon arrival. With some minor injuries parents will be called to help decide whether the child should go home. In the event of a serious injury or emergency, I will call 911 and administer first aid or CPR if needed. I will then notify you as soon as possible and tell you where your child is being treated. If injury results in medical treatment or hospitalization, I am required to immediately call and submit an "Injury/Incident Report" to my Department of Social and Health Services Licenser and child's social worker, if any. You will be given a copy.

Medicine Management

All medications (prescription and non-prescription) shall be administered only on the written approval of a parent or guardian. A Medication Treatment Authorization form (authorization to administer medication) must be completed. This form must be initialed and dated every 30 days for ongoing permission for over the counter medications. Prescription medications shall be administered only as directed on the label or as otherwise authorized by a physician. Medications must be stored in the original container. The container must have the patient's name, instructions and date of expiration. Doctor's permission is not required for non-prescriptions drugs such as:

a. Anti-histamines

b. Non-aspirin pain relievers and fever reducers

c. Cough medicine

d. Decongestants

e. Anti-itching creams

f. Diaper ointments and powders

g. Sunscreen

Nonprescription medication not included in the categories listed above; taken differently than indicated on the manufacturer�s label; or lacking labeled instructions shall only be given if authorized in writing by a physician. A detailed record will be kept of all medicines given at child care.