Sunflower Family Child Care

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and Sign-out Procedures

Arrival and pick-up instructions:

  - When arriving, the parent/guardian or authorized person must sign the child in, and sign-out at pick up time. The sign-in/sign out form is located at the main entrance. You are required to sign in/out using full name, date and time.

  - Please identify on the Child Care Home Register who is authorized to pick up your child. I will not release your child to any person without your written permission. The person picking up your child must have identification, as we may ask for verification if identity before releasing a child.

 - Anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol arriving at child care to pick up a child will be asked to call someone else to pick up that child. If a person leaves with a child while they appear to be under the influence, I will call 911.

Termination of Services

 - You are required to give me 4 weeks' notice of your intent to terminate care. I will ask you to fill out an exit questionnaire.

 - The following are conditions that will cause child care to be terminated:

  1.  continual late payments
  2. child behavioral problems that cannot be controlled
  3. not respecting child care setting and policies (children and/or parents)
  4. continual late pick-ups

Receipts and Taxes

I will give you a payment receipt when you pay for serves. You will receive an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-10 Form reporting your annual child care expenditures for the applicable tax year.

Items Brought From Home

Items from home are not allowed beyond sharing time, unless they are used for soothing purposes. I will occasionally assign a day for sharing time. The child can bring a favorite toy, drawing, book or art project to preschool and share it with other children.