Sunflower Family Child Care

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Permission for Free Access

You have the right to access any areas of my home used for child care, or to your child's records. You are welcome to visit or drop-in unannounced to observe your child. Please schedule time in advance if you would like to have a meeting with me or my staff, so we can arrange to speak away from the children.

Child Abuse Reporting

I am required by mandatory reporting laws to report any suspected child abuse, neglect, or exploitation to Child Protective Services (CPS) or my local law enforcement agency immediately (without prior notification to the parents involved). I will also inform my licenser.

Behavior Management and Discipline

Spanking or any form of corporal punishment, physical or mechanical restraint, the withholding of food, or any form of emotional abuse is prohibited by anyone on the premises including parents. No corporal punishment will be used in our program. This includes biting, jerking, shaking, slapping, spanking, hitting, kicking or any other means of inflicting physical pain. My disciplinary practices are: Fair, reasonable, consistent and related to the child's behavior. Planning ahead to prevent problems, reinforcing appropriate behavior and encouraging children to express their feelings and ideas. If a child's behavior becomes an ongoing issue, I will confer with the parents using the following steps:

 - Talk to the parents about ongoing issue

 - Document behavior in the child's record

 - Obtain consultation from the licensor and public health nurse

Non-discrimination Statement

I do not discriminate in my enrollment, hiring practices, client services or in the care of children based on race, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender, marital status, veterans status, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religion, differing physical or mental abilities, use of a trained dog or service animal by a child or family member, communication and learning styles. I will assist children and parents who have limited English language ability by using interpreter.