Sunflower Family Child Care

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Mission Statement

My mission is to provide a stimulating early care with the objective of developing a set of values that will guide children not only during their formative years but also throughout their lifetime.

Philosophy and Program Description

In my opinion what matters most in child development is to achieve self-respect which leads to respect for others, independence and confidence. Furthermore my program will help parents meet the individual needs for their family and child, by placing their child in the family care environment. The child will also learn to behave in a group. Finally this program will help them prepare for school through the curriculum and various activities. The curriculum focuses on social skills, self-care, care for the environment, motor skills, numbers and letters, basic art and music, reading and language enrichment.

My Training and Experience

The State of Washington requires that I take annual training on topics related to caring for young children. Feel free to ask me about my training. I will share any interesting things I learn with the families in my program.
Also I have taken First aid, Blood borne pathogens/HIV and Infants/Child CPR lessons.

My Family and Background

I am married and have two children. I enjoy spending time with children. I have worked in a kids club at Pine Lake Athletic Club. I have volunteered in my daughter's elementary school and my son's pre-school. My mother has a family child care where I helped on many occasions. I am a patient, calm, responsible and well organized person. I keep my house clean and neat. Raising my children I have discovered a thorough enjoinment in child development.