Sunflower Family Child Care

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

Toys and the play area will be clean at the end of the day with sanitizer for general purpose (1/4 teaspoon bleach in 1 quart cold water). Toys that are put in the mouth will be removed, scrubbed and put in the dishwasher. Kitchen area will be cleaned before and after serving food with general sanitizer.

Hand Washing Practices

We (children and adults) will be washing our hands before and after preparing food, when handling pets, after playing outdoors, after diapering or using the toilet, and whenever in contact with body fluids. Hands will be also washed upon child's arrival.

Injury Prevention

I will check daily to make certain that both the indoor and outdoor play areas are safe for children and families - free from broken glass, toys and equipment are safe and the area is free from hazards. All medications, cleaning products and chemicals will be inaccessible to the children.

Food Handling Practices

Food will be prepared and stored in a safe and sanitary manner. Food must be prepared daily and stored in the fridge to prevent food-borne illness and food poisoning. Food will be heated in a microwave if needed. Homemade food must be labeled with child's name and date of preparation.