Sunflower Family Child Care

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Disaster Response Plan

In the case of a disaster of any kind, I have prepared my home for evacuating the children and have emergency supplies for up to seventy-two hours.

Emergency supplies include:
 - Drinking water
 - Non-perishable food
 - First aid supplies
 - Battery operated radio
 - Flashlights and extra batteries
 - Fire extinguisher
 - Emergency documents and phone numbers
 - Garbage bags

It is suggested that each child have a "comfort kit" that is kept at the child care in case their parents are unable to pick them up within a short period of time following a disaster. Some ideas of what might go into such kit include:
 - A photo of parents and child together
 - Water bottle
 - A favorite food: (snack bars, etc.)
 - Space blanket
 - Other: (small flash light, whistle, etc.)

The children will practice emergency procedures and evacuation on a regular basis.  I have practiced turning off water, power and gas.  Shelving, furniture and heavy objects on high shelves have been secured to protect against falling. I continually check my home for potential hazards. In case we have to live the house I suggest three places we might be:
1. United Methodist Church at Issaquah Pine Lake Road & 37 PL.
2. Fire Station 83 at 3425 Issaquah Pine Lake Road
3. Sunny Hills Elementary at 3200 Issaquah Pine Lake Road